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Be your own weight loss cheerleader

April 23 2019
By Anna Davies

When it comes to achieving slimming success, the way you think and talk to yourself is key. Having a few mental mantras in your back pocket can be a game changer for those moments when you need some extra motivation. Here are three ways to power up your self-esteem.

Be your own weight loss cheerleader

“I can do this”
This simple, yet powerful phrase counterbalances the one that might start running through your head during challenging moments: I can’t do this. “Our mental script can hold us back. To counteract those negative beliefs, it can be helpful to tune into what you’re thinking,” notes J. Graham Thomas Ph.D., a member of the Slimming World advisory board and associate professor of the Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University in Rhode Island. If you’ve had trouble losing weight in the past, you may hear that voice in your head saying I can’t—even when you’re following Food Optimizing, our easy and effective eating plan, and seeing results. In order to truly believe in yourself, ask: If someone paid me a million dollars, could I do this? Of course you could! The task in front of you may sometimes feel hard, but this mental exercise can help remind you of your inner strength and determination.

“I’m being too hard on myself. What do I need right now?”
When you hear a mental script berating you for a slip-up, practice kindness. “Turn down the volume of your critical inner voice and turn up the volume of your inner nurturing voice,” says Yvonne Sanders, Slimming World’s head of U.S. operations. Learn how to recognize when you’re being unkind to yourself and figure out some non-food self-care strategies, such as taking a walk, having a chat with a friend, drinking a cup of hot tea, or enjoying a bath. And practice speaking to yourself like a good friend would so you can develop strategies to quickly pick yourself up and get back on track.

“I am making an empowering choice for myself”
You may get self-conscious or feel like you’re missing out if you’re the only one not partaking in birthday cake at the office celebration or happy hour drinks after work. Instead of feeling like you can’t have the cake or drink, focus on how empowering making the choice to say no can be, Sanders suggests. “No thank you can be a very empowering statement,” she says. By remembering that it’s a choice to turn it down, you shift your focus to feeling in charge. And, she adds, when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it can be comforting to remind yourself that Slimming World’s support program and Food Optimizing eating plan puts you firmly in the driving seat.

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