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Weight loss 101: Slimming World & Food Optimizing

January 20 2019
Sarah Davison
By Sarah Davison

Here at Slimming World, we understand that starting a new weight loss program can be intimidating, especially since you’ve probably faced disappointment before with complicated and restrictive plans. That’s why our super-generous, flexible and effective eating plan, which we call Food Optimizing, has been expertly designed to make losing weight easy and enjoyable. There’s no calorie counting and no tiny portions—just healthy, everyday foods you’ll find at the grocery store and hundreds of recipes for filling, family-friendly meals.

Here’s the low-down on how Food Optimizing works, in three easy steps:

1 Fill up on Free Food
All of our recipes are based on what, at Slimming World, we call Free Food. You can eat Free Food in unlimited amounts to satisfy your appetite—no weighing, counting or measuring required. They’re foods that are low in energy density (calories) and/or high in satiety (appetite satisfaction), so they’re great for weight loss. Free Food options include rice, potatoes, and pasta (yes, pasta!); lean meats, poultry and fish; beans and legumes; fresh or frozen fruits and veggies; and many varieties of fat-free yogurt.

2 Add in your Healthy Extra choices
In addition to all that Free Food, measured Healthy Extra choices help provide a good overall balance of nutrients. These include calcium-providing foods like milk and cheese, and whole-grain breads and cereals that contain plenty of fiber.

3 Choose your Syns
Foods that aren’t Free or Healthy Extras have a Syn value. These are the foods that are highest in energy density (calories) and the least likely to fill you up. You can choose to use your Syns for everyday favorites like ketchup or mayo, or for snacks like potato chips, wine, candy or cake. So you can enjoy a little of what you fancy, without ever feeling deprived—and still see the pounds come off.

Try these simple swaps, too!
Trim your meat: When cooking, trim visible fat off meat and remove the skin from poultry.
Switch to sweetener: Substitute no-calorie granulated sweetener for sugar.
Opt for less oil: Use cooking spray instead of butter or oil when cooking.
Load up on veggies: To keep your weight loss on track, be sure to fill at least a third of your plate with veggies or salad.


Try our exclusive 7-day Food Optimizing menu plan and start your slimming success story today.