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Your ultimate guide to healthy campfire cooking

August 17 2018
By Anna Davies
Your ultimate guide to healthy campfire cooking

Camping is a fun, affordable way to spend time with your family while getting a refreshing change of scenery. And just as you have to pack a tent, gear, and bug spray, it’s also helpful to plan ahead when it comes to what you’ll eat and how you’ll cook it—especially when you’re losing weight.

With Slimming World’s healthy eating plan, called Food Optimizing, there are many filling foods you can eat without any weighing, counting or measuring— they’re called Free Food. Almost all of the foods below are Free Food, and all fit in with our eating plan, so you can feed your camping crew and keep your weight loss safe. Grab your cooler and some ice packs, and read on for three ways to enjoy satisfying, healthy campsite cuisine.

If you have a grill

What to pack: If you’re bringing your own grill, make sure to pack charcoal, fire starter, tongs, and a spatula. To cook dishes over an open flame without resting them directly on the grates, take a cast-iron skillet. The heat will distribute evenly and you can use it to cook up eggs and hash for breakfast (when the recipe calls for cooking in the oven, simply cover the skillet and leave to cook on the grill).

What to cook: Stock your cooler with veggies (pre-slice ’em for easier prep!), eggs, potatoes, chicken (skin and visible fat removed), or burger patties made with 95% lean ground beef or turkey. Alternatively, make an easy pasta salad with pre-cooked plain pasta, chicken cooked on the grill, and veggies. When packing perishables, be sure to keep your cooler packed with plenty of ice and throw out any perishable items that have been left out longer than two hours.

If you have a burner

What to pack: A burner or camp stove is good to pack if you’re unsure of the options that will be available at your campsite. Bring small camping pots and pans and, if your burner doesn’t burn wood, a small, compatible propane canister.

What to cook: Soup, chili, or sloppy joes, made Slimming World-style, are all easy and filling options to DIY on a burner. You can even prep this spicy chili mac and cheese ahead, then reheat it in a pot over the flame.

If you have a fire pit

What to pack: While firewood is essential, check campground rules before purchasing, as some require that you buy firewood on-site. Besides wood, make sure to bring fire starter, a portable grate, camping pots and pans, and a kettle so you can wake up to a hot cup o’ joe!

What to cook: Baked potatoes are a fire pit’s best friend. Wrap your favorite type of spud in foil and place in the coals of a campfire—or on the grill grate; cook for 30 to 60 minutes. Top with fat-free plain yogurt, chopped lean ham, veggies, or salmon from the cooler. You can also cook lean meat, seafood, and vegetables in foil packets or in a cast-iron skillet on the grate.

Happy camping!